Lee McCormack graduated BA Hons in 'Design Studies', at Goldsmiths College in London and MA in 'History & Theories of Architecture' at the Architectural Association, in London.

As founder and Creative Director, Lee has worked on projects with a number of advanced technology, entertainment and consumer lead companies including McLaren Applied Technologies, Dell, Saatchi & Saatchi, Apple, Disney and Diageo to name a few.

Lee has lived and worked in Japan, China and the US for several years with his primary residence being in the UK.

Passionate about design, Lee brings twenty years of experience to bear on each project he is engaged on. 

Lee is also an author and occassional lecturer for design graduates seeking to enter the design industry.

“I like to innovate, creating IPR for a client is a way of communicating that the value our studio brings to the table goes beyond the traditional industrial design studio. We like to distinguish ourselves by delivering solutions that can are patentable wherever possible”. 

Lee McCormack